How to Eat Before and After a Workout for Weight Loss

man eating food after his workout for weight loss

Share: When you’re on a journey to lose weight, knowing what to eat before and after a workout can be just as important as the workout itself. Here’s a guide to help you fuel your body properly and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. What Should I Eat Before a Workout to Lose Weight? Your […]

The Truth About How Alcohol Affects Fat Loss

Coctails with The truth about alcohol and fat loss text over it

Share: “I mean, we can’t just leave it here.” Let’s talk about two very important factors when it comes to burning fat…. 1️⃣ When alcohol is consumed at any point in general, it should be understood that this is a tradeoff for best results. 2️⃣ Alcohol simultaneously impairs muscle growth and fat loss, so the […]

What to do when weight loss stops

Girl and instructor smilling, with the what to do when weight loss stops text on the side

Share: Ever feel like you’re “eating perfectly” but still not losing weight? It’s possible. But it’s not what happens most often. Usually, there are one of two things going on: Problem #1: You’re eating more than you realize. Problem #2: What you think is the “right amount”… isn’t. Or, it could be both. Here’s a […]

Saturated Fat: Healthy or Harmful?

Saturated fat: Healthy or Harmful? Text on the left side and fatty food on the right side

Share: Some say saturated fat—found in coconut, chocolate, butter, and fattier cuts of meat—is terrible for your health, gumming up your arteries and leading to heart attacks. Others say caution is outdated—and even advise you to eat more of it. But what does the research say? In a nutshell: 1. When consumed in excess, saturated […]

Probiotics: Sham or Do They Work?

Probiotics: Sham or do they work? text on the left side with pills on the right side

Share: If you believe the marketing claims, probiotics can help you with just about anything—IBS, leaky gut, diarrhea, brain fog, depression, skin conditions, and even fat loss. But is this actually true? Generally speaking, probiotics probably won’t hurt, and they might help. They also might be a complete waste of money. The idea is that […]

3 Simple Holiday Eating Strategies

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Share: “You guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” The holidays are knocking at our doorstep, and I’m sure you’ll be ok with nibbling on a disturbingly unsatisfying 400-calorie salted ice cube while everyone else is grubbing down on piles of devious dinner spreads, hitting the open bars, and making some bad […]

How to do a Pull-Up. A beginner’s guide.

How to do a Pull-Up. A beginner’s guide.

Share: “You guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” The Pull-Up You’ve decided that you want to crush your first one, or perhaps you can get one or two and want to be able to get loads of them.  Pull-ups are a relatively simple move and idea. Grab the bar and pull […]

Love letter to the Weekend Warriors + Free Workout

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Share: “You guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” Once upon a time, people played sports. Before playing those sports, they would train once maybe three times a week. This would help them stay fit, keep sharp for these games and stay healthy. However, over the years, this has changed very very […]

Carbs or Fats? What to Eat to Lose Weight

Food in cups with What to eat to lose weight text over it

Share: “You guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.” When working with clients who want to lose weight we often only set a calorie & protein target, then have them decide on: Lower carb/higher fat Lower fat/higher carb Balanced carb and fat Studies have repeatedly shown — if calories and protein are […]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Glute Training

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Share: Yup, because it’s not like the world doesn’t need another glute training article 🤪 I have way too much to say about training glutes, probably because I enjoy training glutes so much, so if you don’t mind a bit of “stream of thought,” here’s what I do know: 🍑 First, anatomy. Glutes are big […]