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The Truth About How Alcohol Affects Fat Loss

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"I mean, we can't just leave it here."

Let's talk about two very important factors when it comes to burning fat….

1️⃣ When alcohol is consumed at any point in general, it should be understood that this is a tradeoff for best results.

2️⃣ Alcohol simultaneously impairs muscle growth and fat loss, so the best recommendation here is the less, the better.

Here’s what goes down…

Acetate meme

When you consume alcohol, it’s converted to acetate in the liver.

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Acetate is a ‘toxin’ to the body, so it stops breaking down the other essential nutrients – protein, carb, and fat – and gives immediate priority to handling acetate.

Fat Oxidation Graph

Unfortunately, this means your ability to burn fat is greatly reduced.

Fat increase after drinking visual representation

Alcohol can also make you say “F-this!” to your nutrition plan, resulting in eating more food – especially the high-calorie “cheat meal” kind.

When indulging in off-plan “cheat meals/days” too often, you won’t see the results you want, and losing the same amount of fat will take much longer. You’ll come to an end in your program without meeting your goals and feel frustrated because you wasted your valuable time.

Here’s what you can do:

In the end, having a drink or two is a part of life, and while going completely “dry” has its benefits, it may not be sustainable. On the other hand, if you are regularly consuming alcohol and you’re struggling to hit your goal of losing fat or weight, you’ll benefit from reducing your amount.

Don’t believe it? We’ve had clients cut alcohol for just a week and lose 2-3lbs!

Start slow, track your intake, but enjoy your life while you do it.

Need more guidance? Work with a coach to build a plan so you can enjoy your favorite drinks AND still get jaw-dropping results.