As active people in Hong Kong pursuing health and fitness, we often have packed days. Here are some tips to keep the glow and lose the stink as you leave the studio for your next adventure in the Big Lychee.

Cleansing Wipes: Use face and body wipes to feel fresh after your workout. Citrus-scented wipes are invigorating, or try a “shower in your pocket” for a more thorough clean.

Travel Deodorant: Compact and easy to carry, a travel deodorant is essential. Check out Basic Deo Stick (HKD$98) and Basic Deo (HKD$108).

Perfume Rollerball: A dab of travel perfume or cologne on your wrists and behind your ears can mask odors and leave a pleasant scent.

Hair Accessories: Use a hat, headband, hair ties, or fun updo to manage messy hair. Adding some earrings can enhance your look.

Embrace the Messy Hair: Bedhead can be stylish! Use dry shampoo for oily hair or leave-in conditioner for dry hair. Try Basic Dry Shampoo (HKD$138) for fresh, voluminous hair, and Basic Hair Oil (HKD$248) to add shine and tame frizz.

Cool Down Spray: Refresh your body with a cool down spray. The Basic Cool Down (HKD$128) is perfect for feeling revitalized post-workout.

Breathable Clothing: Wear something breathable and not too tight. Avoid armpit stains by opting for flowy outfits instead of super fitted clothes.

Minimal Makeup: Enhance your natural glow with a bit of powder, gloss, and waterproof mascara. Embrace your fresh, natural look.

Face Toner: Keep your face fresh with a toner. The Basic Face Toner (HKD$188) will help balance your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Hang Up Your Clothes: Keep your change of clothes wrinkle-free by hanging them up. Fresh-looking clothes make a big difference in your overall appearance.

What are your tips for staying fresh after a workout?