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Crush your Dietary Habits to Supercharge your Training

We’ve all heard that abs are made in the kitchen …

They’re also made in the kitchen, at your favourite coffee shop, your favourite pizza place, and even your parents’ home.

Your eating and drinking behaviours either move you towards or away from your training goals.

In this article, we lay out 5 important rules of thumb that’ll help you fuel your body in a way that supports, not hinders, your training goals.

1. Shape your environment

Woman enjoying her drink in very relaxing kitchen environment

“If it’s in the house, you or a loved one will eat it”.

– Dr John Berardi (founder of Precision Nutrition)

Ever get the munchies?

How often have you found yourself make a beeline towards the fridge and smashing that slice of cake you brought home from a party? Or perhaps powering through a bag of chips from the snack cupboard?

[At least I have anyway]

It’s a simple enough point, but you can’t eat what’s not around you.

So try to take steps to ensure your food environment is set up to support a healthy lifestyle.

This includes the home, your desk or wherever else you’re going to be.

Consider replacing unhealthy snacks (you know the ones) with healthy alternatives in all their favourite hideaways.

Any food that is not going to help your goals – donate it or get rid of it.

2. Take control

Group of people in the restaurant enjoying their food

“Where should we go for [Lunch / Dinner / Coffee, etc.]?”

How did you respond the last time someone asked you this question?

The problem with answers like “I’m easy, you decide” is that it passes the decision making responsibility for your bodily nutrition over to someone else. Unless all your acquaintances happen to be health fanatics, this kind of answer could be costly for your body goals if allowed to turn into a habit.

Besides, in what other areas of life would you happily relinquish control over something so fundamental to your goals?

Instead, look up cafes and restaurants ahead of time with menus that are going to fuel, not hinder, your success.

3. Get 1% better

Flower blooming process

While we all have the best intentions when setting goals for ourselves, we often set ourselves up for disappointment by setting the initial bar too high.

Instead of setting a new year’s resolution to “completely eliminate snacks from my diet”, try a more measured approach for steady results over time.

Take the 1% better mindset.

What one thing can you do today that’ll improve your nutritional habits by 1%?

Maybe that means switching out the fries for a salad or switching to gin and tonic instead of wine.

Whatever it is, even a small 1% will make a difference and help you.

4. Make it easy on yourself

Road sign in the field and sea as the background

It’s not always a bad thing to take the easy route!

By making life easy for ourselves, we take the stress out of those areas of life we just don’t want to expend energy and time.

Not a Masterchef and struggle with cooking? Or maybe you just don’t like being in the kitchen?
👉 Make it easy for yourself by outsourcing it. Sign up to a meal delivery service and tailor it to meet your goals.

No suitable options nearby?
👉 Find a food delivery app that can bring healthy options to you.

Have to walk past your favourite pizza place every night on the way home?
👉 Take a different route home, easier for the lack of temptation!

5. Wipe the slate clean

Blackboard with chalk and flowers around

What if all fails? What if the wheels really do fall off the wagon?

Don’t panic!

Breathe. Be okay that it didn’t go to plan and it wasn’t perfect.

Wipe the slate clean and start from there.

We tend to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. For some, this can involve unhealthy behaviours that, however well-intentioned, may obstruct your progress towards your goals.

For example, an all-out binge at last night’s party might be followed by under-eating the next day in a mistaken attempt to right yesterday’s wrongs.

What does help is being compassionate and giving yourself a break.

We’re all human and we make mistakes.

Wipe the slate clean and know you can make the next choice work for you.

There it is! Taa Daa!!

I know I know, we didn’t tell you that goji berries were the fountain of youth. Or that spring water from the alps has minerals which help you burn more fat and make you lose 10 years off of your life (not true fyi).

However, there are some very real tips in here – tools that you can use to your disposal any time and tweak them to your current situation, goal and lifestyle.