Strength Workout: The Tricep

Woman standing in front of the mirror during strenght training and looking at her own reflection

Share: The often-neglected understudy to ‘big brother bicep’, the triceps actually do an incredible amount of work for us. As such, strengthening the triceps is something many of us should consider prioritising. In this article, we cover: The anatomy of the tricep Why you should strengthen your triceps A 6-week tricep strengthening workout progression that’ll […]

Strength Workout: The Core

Slim woman wearing white top while the focus is on her stomach

Share: We tend to assume that the plank and sit ups are the holy grails of core training and core strength. While these are indeed powerful exercises in the right circumstances, there are a far wider variety of core-strengthening exercises available. In this article, we explore how to strengthen the core, covering: The anatomy of […]

Strength Workout: The Quad

Group workout session with the Your body is your car, the quads are the tires of the car quote over it

Share: “The thighs“, “them quads”, “them tree trunks” … Whatever you want to call them, the quads are some big muscles that do a lot of work to support the body. For this reason, you’ll want to take measures to keep yours in top shape to handle your body’s demands and keep you free from […]

Strength Workout: The Bicep

Guy in a very good shape holding the dumbell

Share: “Sun’s out, guns out.” That’s the saying, right? In this article, we cover how to boost those biceps, covering: The anatomy of the bicep Why you should strengthen your biceps Two bicep-strengthening workouts that’ll make your arms grow. Anatomy of the bicep The bicep is a series of three muscles that are more stretched […]